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MacRumors Turns 10 Years Old

So, turned 10 years old yesterday. Brian Chen at Wired did a great write up on it. 10 years is a long time — especially on the internet. I’ll post some more thoughts on it all later.

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Ah the Irony, Tiernan Ray Misreports My Misreport

Tiernan Ray of Tech Trader Daily posted a piece the other day about what sounds like a great story: a rumor site confirming one report by using the same report! Now, this sort of thing has probably happened over the … Continue reading

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Digitimes… Now An Accurate Source of Apple Information

Last year, I wrote an article about how Digitime’s accuracy with relation to Apple-related rumors had been very poor. It based on their historic results at the time. Things have changed considerably, however, and I try to give credit where … Continue reading

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I Wish Articles Would Make Sense

As MacRumors editor, I read a lot of random articles…. and one of the most frustrating things is finding what sounds like a good relevant article… which at first glance seems fine, in the end, doesn’t quite make sense. Here’s … Continue reading

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MacRumors’ Macworld Coverage Success and Sleeping on the Sidewalk

This year, MacRumors’ coverage of the Macworld San Francisco 2008 keynote address knocked it out of the park. Reviews were universally positive, and it makes me really proud of what we’ve accomplished. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is … Continue reading

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Less is More, at least on MacRumors has developed a unique culture over the years, which is a product of its primary author (myself), I suppose. MacRumors was never all about the rumors, but clearly, that’s been a big focus of the site. In the early … Continue reading

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On Moderating a Discussion Forum…

It’s remarkable to see how large our MacRumors Forums have grown. We’re at over 138,000 members and 4.4 million posts, and represent the most active Apple forum on the internet. I added the forums to the site in 2001. Before … Continue reading

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