MacRumors Turns 10 Years Old

So, turned 10 years old yesterday. Brian Chen at Wired did a great write up on it.

10 years is a long time — especially on the internet. I’ll post some more thoughts on it all later.

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10 Responses to MacRumors Turns 10 Years Old

  1. Malvern Lumsden says:

    Congratulations, you are doing a great job!

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  3. izabel says:

    i was normal ir 3 years ago

  4. evgeni says:

    ????? ???????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ????????? ? ????? 🙂

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  6. dmmcintyre3 says:

    Good job Arn. What was the first website you ever published?

  7. Lavern Maez says:

    Evaluate & Preserve your iPad for No cost! ->

  8. Emil says:

    Congrats! I have been following since the start. Daily. But i don’t post. Can you please make me not be a newbie in the forum becuase i have 5 posts? =) Pleaase. Dont really want to post. Comments have turned pretty silly nowdays.

    Ps. I am a webdeveloper that work with PHP, MySQL & webstandards. Let me know if i can fix it for ya for free =)

  9. Emma Marshall says:

    Well done on your website, ten years old wow! All the best for the future.

  10. Congratulation Arnolds! I’ve been a an avid reader since the beginning, and had no idea that 10 years had already passed! You and your team do a truly fantastic job. Kudos to you!

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