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Google Trying to Become Microsoft, HP Trying to Become Apple, and Apple, well, is still Apple

It’s been a busy week for Google with the announcement of a number of new initiatives. If there was any doubt about the growing animosity between the two companies, there is none now. Google spent a lot of its on-stage … Continue reading

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So, this blog has been relatively quiet. Not because I haven’t been keeping busy… in fact, I might have been keeping too busy. In retrospect, the quitting decision was clearly the right decision. One major perk of not being a … Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism Follow-Up Notes

My post about the the false Steve Jobs Heart Attack rumor has gotten more traction than I expected. And while I pointed the finger at Silicon Alley Insider, it wasn’t really a personal attack. SAI is still amongst my favorite … Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism Not a Failure, Blogs a Failure?

This morning a rumor about Steve Jobs having a heart attack started circulating. The person who started the rumor submitted it to MacRumors using an anonymous proxy IP address. I saw the report right when it was submitted and after … Continue reading

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Traffic = Power = Money

The secret to success on the internet can be boiled down to one simple accomplishment: building traffic. That’s it. If you have a site that attracts a lot of visitors, you will be able to make money. On the internet, … Continue reading

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Launch of

I’ve owned an Apple computer since the age of 12 or so. My first Apple was an Apple //c. I later moved on to the Apple //gs, a Mac IIsi, PowerMac 7500 and so on. I’m presently on a Mac … Continue reading

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Digitimes… Now An Accurate Source of Apple Information

Last year, I wrote an article about how Digitime’s accuracy with relation to Apple-related rumors had been very poor. It based on their historic results at the time. Things have changed considerably, however, and I try to give credit where … Continue reading

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I Wish Articles Would Make Sense

As MacRumors editor, I read a lot of random articles…. and one of the most frustrating things is finding what sounds like a good relevant article… which at first glance seems fine, in the end, doesn’t quite make sense. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Special Hell of Site Redesign

When you have an established site, one of the most tumultuous events that can happen is a major site redesign. No matter what the changes are, no matter what the improvements are, there is always a very vocal group of … Continue reading

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Regarding the T-Mobile iPhone Ad Flyer

The latest unsubstantiated Apple rumor is making its way through the web. This time in the form of a T-Mobile flyer which claims the iPhone will be released on November 12th with 3G networking and a 16GB option. The ad … Continue reading

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