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Keyboard Real. iPod UI?

I was wrong. Or, I guess, my conclusion was wrong in Final Verdict: Keyboard Fake. iPod UI Real. The prototype keyboard photos that were posted to Chinese forum were real. It really is a significant event that will make the … Continue reading

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Newsflash: People Make Up Rumors

Gizmodo posted and then retracted a rumor that they posted from someone who emailed them and purported to be from a Google Product Marketing Manager. Engadget goes on to “debunk” this rumor, making a big deal about it. Gizmodo even … Continue reading

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All Others are #2 or Lower

June was a crazy month for WWDC and the iPhone launch drove traffic to record levels. In the end, based on publicly available metrics, it means was the #1 Apple news or rumor site for June. According to … Continue reading

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Final Verdict: Keyboard Fake. iPod UI Real.

A couple of supposed Apple leaks have been distributed over the net over the past week. Rightfully so, each time people question the authenticity of the images that are “leaked”. In the first instance, some iPod user interface videos were … Continue reading

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On’s Credibility has been around for a while now… over 7 years. And in that time I’d like to think that the site has earned some credibility amongst its regular readers. We take rumors seriously — well before it was popular … Continue reading

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On Apple Analysts and Their ‘Research’

Financial analysts are a funny thing in the Apple rumor world. With increasing media coverage of everything Apple, as well as the impressive growth of their stock, it seems financial analysts are covering Apple in increasing detail and frequency. I … Continue reading

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Engadget’s ‘iPhone and Leopard Delay’ Rumor

Engadget published a report today claiming that Apple was delaying Leopard until Jan 2008 and the iPhone until October. We hesitatingly republished this report with some caveats. As it turns out, the report was wrong, but I don’t necessarily blame … Continue reading

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MacRumors April Fools 2007

The beginning of this month brought another April Fools on the internet. I typically cringe at the thought. There are just too many people who think they are funny… Now, I’m not quite as bad a sport as I once … Continue reading

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I feel weird about defending Digitimes immediately after writing how likely it was they are wrong, but… First, I don’t have anything personal against Digitimes. My entire online-life revolves around evaluating how likely a rumor really is. My previous blog … Continue reading

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The latest rumor has hit the Mac web again. The claim this time is that Apple is delaying Mac OS X Leopard until October 2007. For whatever reason, Digitimes seems to draw the attention of the mainstream Mac web … Continue reading

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