Fake or Real? Can People Tell? No.

In July, there was a leak of what was purported to be the upcoming iPod user interface. Today, Apple released the new iPod Nano and iPod Classic with the new user interface that was leaked.

How did people do in analyzing the videos? Well, it just goes to show that despite people claiming to be confident… most people can’t tell.

From original MacRumors Thread:

Those look ****ing awful. They’re just the current interface with 1/4 of the album art on the right. Who the **** would ever design something like that? This is so fake.

TOTALLY FAKE. Are there no other Flash designers here? This was obviously made with Flash. This thing looks horrible anyways. The album content is wrong, the fonts are horrid. Indeed this was made by someone who put some effort into it. But this is definitely fake.

Fake. Checkout the worldclock video at the 18 second mark. Accra is a couple seconds AHEAD of Addis Ababa. Also, this clock graphic shows a Rolex-esque sweeping hand. The iPhone’s clocks currently depict a graphic of a second hand that ‘ticks’.

100% Fake. Check out the World Clock video and watch when the two times “Accra” and “Addis Ababa” at the end. Both labels on the right side say 5:55am. Its been a while since I’ve read an analog clock but I’m pretty sure neither says 5:55am, more like 4:55 and 9:55. This was obviously made by a youngster who grew up with only digital clocks. Also the second hands are slightly different from one another between the two, which makes no sense. There’s a number of other small inconsistencies too, some of which other people have pointed out, that shows these videos are indeed 100% fake.

those are the fakiest fakes to ever fake a fake

Pretty darn sure those videos are fake.
Wrong songs,
screwed up clock
ugly art transitions
clunky interface
nothing Apple-ish about them.

It’s obviously fake. You can tell its fake for many reasons. The most obvious to me is in the world clock. When you see both clocks together, one of the “second” hands is in a different position that the other clock.

If these are real, I’ll buy a Zune. (link)

You guys missed the most obvious piece of evidence that this is fake: The album art has perfect anti-aliasing at the borders. Even on a desktop computer, this high level of anti-aliasing would require a relatively new GPU. The anti-aliasing in iTunes coverflow for Mac/PC doesn’t even look this good. On a mobile device, this is just NOT possible. But even more than that, there are no aliasing artifacts at all in the spinning album art animation. I guess the new iPod’s video accelerator is better than my Radeon X1900… It’s pretty clear that this was made using video compositing software.
To reiterate fake fake fake fake fake

Anyway, why did this EVER reach front page? It’s just ridiculously sloppy. These fakers should study the iWalk hoax for a lesson in how to make believable fakes.

From digg thread

Three words; FAKE FAKE FAKE.

Here’s a compilation of some of details people spotted that prove this is fake:
1. spacing of clock numbers is sloppy (uncharacteristic of Apple).
2. seconds clock hand is continuous, not ticking.
3. clock second hands are not correctly synchronized in one of the views.
4. font is too large.
5. “Love” playlist is incorrect.
6. battery indicator looks wrong.
7. battery level increases.
Personally, I think some of the text spacing looks off and I don’t think the transitions are what Apple would choose. Also, I think Steve is tired of the click wheel. They put a lot of research into the iPhone. It makes sense to put it to use in more products. All this nonsense about cannibalizing the iPhone is just that. Nonsense.

This may not be a fake-signal, but when you chose a song (in the Beatles example) the cover art comes from the sky and falls to hard. It’s not an animation Apple would chose, i’m pretty sure of that…

Like said above, this is so fake its not funny.

c’mon everyone… THIS IS FAKE! Just another fake, just like the hundreds of fake iPhone pictures we saw a year ago.

Agreed 100%. Apple wouldnt be seen dead making something like this.

the animations are linear and not easing in and out which means its fake

Yeah. If you can’t pick these as fake there is something wrong with you… straight to the optometrist.
Apple wouldn’t try to display album art in a sliver of screen real-estate like that and then scroll the image so that you can see different bits. Neither are they going to have the album art drop in like it was done in aftereffects, on something without a graphics card.

Makes me appreciate Apple’s spit and polish when I see cheap knockoffs like these. Must be cool for a company when the whole customer base can spot imitations within seconds without even trying. Now if this was Microsoft or some other innovation-starved company it would of fooled quite a few I bet.

though a valiant attempt, this is very fake

This thing is so fake. It does not have the refine Apple look and the screen aspect ratio is so yesteryear. The interface design is hideous. I don’t know how anyone could pass this off as something Apple would come up.

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11 Responses to Fake or Real? Can People Tell? No.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We want names to ridicule the arrogant!

  2. Zac says:

    They always seemed real to me, but I admit they seem a little weak to me, just from an aesthetic stand point. I guess I just don’t that Apple is perfect. I should probably reserve judgement until I’ve seen it in person though.

  3. Jodeo says:

    This blog entry does not exist. FAKE.

  4. Boo Goose says:

    Even the comments protesting that they are fakes are fake.

  5. Meesa says:

    You don’t understand; the keynote, the new Apple website, and this whole supposed “announcement” – are all FAKE.

  6. shithead says:

    They were so obviously real that youd have had to been an idiot to think they were fake! jeeze, stupid fake callers, fakey mcfakersons who think they know fake, its ridiculous… ri-fucking-diculous

    Anyways, now that I’m done acting like a digg reader, having played with the new interfaces, theyre sweet, i just wish the ipods had a bit more horsepower so it would render just a tad bit smoother. Even still, with the lack of processing power (jesus fucking christ, its an ipod people!) its just freakin’ cool looking.

  7. Matt J says:

    Since most ‘leaks’ from Apple are fake, it is ‘safer’ to say any purportedly leaked image is a fake, based on probability. Of course, it’s safer not to post at all. I thought the interface video was real beforehand, but I admit, I thought the Nanos were faked.

  8. sfgs says:

    unless everything apple has done with their ipods in the last few months is some conspiracy or a prank, these are 100% authentic, not 100% fake. Please get some actual verification rather than some speculations based on quality problems with the video camera/compression.

    Talk about jumping to conclusions…jeez….

  9. I am a bit worried that the Nano 4 feels too light and is so thin that it will easily break under pressure.

  10. So happy to read such a entertaining article that does not fall back on base posturing to get the idea covered. Thank you for a great read.

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