Regarding the T-Mobile iPhone Ad Flyer

The latest unsubstantiated Apple rumor is making its way through the web. This time in the form of a T-Mobile flyer which claims the iPhone will be released on November 12th with 3G networking and a 16GB option.

The ad was first published by MacBidouille with the lead in that “an anonymous reader sent us this image”.

That’s red flag #1.

We also received this image at MacRumors before it was published. The anonymous submission linked to a rapidshare file sharing link with no backstory. Just a link to an image that purportedly depicts an ad from T-Mobile.

What’s the likelihood that this is legitimate? Almost zero, I’d guess.

I’m not one to try to pick apart the technicalities of the ad – why this word or that word wasn’t translated correctly. Instead, just looking at the scenario points to the fact that anonymous uncorroborated submissions that are sent to a number of sites simultaneously are rarely true. Instead, they typically represent someone trying to get some attention.

Anonymous uncorroborated submissions with links to an image have an even worse track record.

Update: With the release of the UK iPhone with EDGE and 8GB, this rumor has essentially been proven wrong. Apple’s unlikely to release a 16GB/3G iPhone in Germany only.

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