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Stupid Surveys, Obsessed with Being Online?

ITNews published results from a survey which indicates that out of 1,011 American adults, 15% of people said that they could only go a day or less without going online. 21% said a couple of days. 19% said a few … Continue reading

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Regarding the T-Mobile iPhone Ad Flyer

The latest unsubstantiated Apple rumor is making its way through the web. This time in the form of a T-Mobile flyer which claims the iPhone will be released on November 12th with 3G networking and a 16GB option. The ad … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ Open Letter and Why Rumor Sites Exist

Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to iPhone users about the dramatic price drop on the iPhone ($200) announced on Wednesday. Second, being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy. … Continue reading

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Apple Finally Releases a PDA

It may have been lost on some, but Apple’s release of the iPod Touch brings a close to one of the longest running rumors in Apple’s history… the return of Newton. Oh, we knew it was coming when they released … Continue reading

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Fake or Real? Can People Tell? No.

In July, there was a leak of what was purported to be the upcoming iPod user interface. Today, Apple released the new iPod Nano and iPod Classic with the new user interface that was leaked. How did people do in … Continue reading

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