Monthly Archives: March 2007 Could Still be Right (about Leopard)

I feel weird about defending Digitimes immediately after writing how likely it was they are wrong, but… First, I don’t have anything personal against Digitimes. My entire online-life revolves around evaluating how likely a rumor really is. My previous blog … Continue reading

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The latest rumor has hit the Mac web again. The claim this time is that Apple is delaying Mac OS X Leopard until October 2007. For whatever reason, Digitimes seems to draw the attention of the mainstream Mac web … Continue reading

Posted in Mac Web, | 27 Comments Looking for Business Appraiser, a popular Mac software tracker, posted a job search for an “Online business appraiser (w/possible acquisition background)” at CrunchBoard. MacUpdate is the most popular Macintosh-only software website on the Internet. It’s been organically growing since 1996. It’s essentially one … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Rumor and Speculation

As the “MacRumors guy”, I take rumors very seriously. One common misconception that appears again and again is the lack of distinction between “Rumor” and “Speculation”. I find it surprising that I need to spell out this distinction, but it’s … Continue reading

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What You Have is Never Enough?

I’ve always had an interest in web startups and web based businesses. There is a growing boom in internet-based companies in the past few years. The reason is clear… the cost to startup is far cheaper on the internet than … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the iPhone: More to Come

This may seem a little late to weigh in on the iPhone, but this blog didn’t exist when it was announced, so I’m finally going to put down my perspective on the iPhone. As background, I’ve been an Apple enthusiast … Continue reading

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The Genius of MacHeist: Putting Users to Work

Again, this opinion may be a few months old, but I wanted to put down my thoughts on — a promotional website which drew a lot of attention and criticism amongst the Mac web. To give some background, MacHeist … Continue reading

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Thread 500. First reactions to the iPod.

One of the advantages of having a site that has been around for 7 years is that we have an archive of user reactions to various releases over the years. In October of 2001, Apple announced they were holding a … Continue reading

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Paid Reviews Backlash at TheAppleBlog, a relative newcomer to the Mac web scene, quickly found a way to generate a lot of backlash from their readers. They posted a public proposition for advertisers to pay for a review of their products: We get literally … Continue reading

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Earliest Documented Apple Rumor: The Apple //gs+

Some people seem to think that rumors about Apple are a recent phenomenon. For whatever reason, Apple customers have long clamored for rumors about unreleased Apple products. The first Apple rumor that I remember coming across and getting excited about … Continue reading

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