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iPhone Domainers Beware

It was obvious it was going to happen, but that didn’t stop people from jumping on the bandwagon. After Apple’s aggressive defense of the iPod-related domain names, it seemed obvious they weren’t going to let people get too comfortable with … Continue reading

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On Apple Analysts and Their ‘Research’

Financial analysts are a funny thing in the Apple rumor world. With increasing media coverage of everything Apple, as well as the impressive growth of their stock, it seems financial analysts are covering Apple in increasing detail and frequency. I … Continue reading

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Amazon to buy iLounge?

Valleyway is reporting that Amazon is looking to purchase iLounge (formerly iPodLounge) is one of (if not the) largest iPod sites out there. Now to put this in context, Amazon just purchased, a digital photography review site. Purchasing … Continue reading

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Engadget’s ‘iPhone and Leopard Delay’ Rumor

Engadget published a report today claiming that Apple was delaying Leopard until Jan 2008 and the iPhone until October. We hesitatingly republished this report with some caveats. As it turns out, the report was wrong, but I don’t necessarily blame … Continue reading

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Bruce Willis on AintItCool. Celebrity Commenters.

An AintitCool News post criticizing the upcoming Die Hard 4’s PG-13 rating drew the usual reader commentary… but then an interesting series of posts by a “Walter B”: I am pleased to see Vern, and everyone who responded to Vern’s … Continue reading

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The Digg Revolt, May 1, 2007

Some people said that it wouldn’t work… users moderating the stories and in control of the content? Well, worked surprisingly well all things considered. Beyond the digg-gaming issues, users tended to “digg” up interesting stories and suppress the bad … Continue reading

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