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I Wish Articles Would Make Sense

As MacRumors editor, I read a lot of random articles…. and one of the most frustrating things is finding what sounds like a good relevant article… which at first glance seems fine, in the end, doesn’t quite make sense. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Special Hell of Site Redesign

When you have an established site, one of the most tumultuous events that can happen is a major site redesign. No matter what the changes are, no matter what the improvements are, there is always a very vocal group of … Continue reading

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Regarding the T-Mobile iPhone Ad Flyer

The latest unsubstantiated Apple rumor is making its way through the web. This time in the form of a T-Mobile flyer which claims the iPhone will be released on November 12th with 3G networking and a 16GB option. The ad … Continue reading

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Fake or Real? Can People Tell? No.

In July, there was a leak of what was purported to be the upcoming iPod user interface. Today, Apple released the new iPod Nano and iPod Classic with the new user interface that was leaked. How did people do in … Continue reading

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CNET Acquires VersionTracker, MacFixIt

VersionTracker and MacFixIt have been acquired by CNET. I’m really excited about this. It gives VersionTracker—and our sister sites, iPhone Atlas and MacFixIt—more resources to grow and gives us higher visibility than I could have ever imagined for our humble … Continue reading

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Keyboard Real. iPod UI?

I was wrong. Or, I guess, my conclusion was wrong in Final Verdict: Keyboard Fake. iPod UI Real. The prototype keyboard photos that were posted to Chinese forum were real. It really is a significant event that will make the … Continue reading

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Newsflash: People Make Up Rumors

Gizmodo posted and then retracted a rumor that they posted from someone who emailed them and purported to be from a Google Product Marketing Manager. Engadget goes on to “debunk” this rumor, making a big deal about it. Gizmodo even … Continue reading

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