On MacRumors.com’s Credibility

MacRumors.com has been around for a while now… over 7 years. And in that time I’d like to think that the site has earned some credibility amongst its regular readers.

We take rumors seriously — well before it was popular to do so — and we certainly don’t make up stories just to draw traffic.

But it’s one thing to say that, but another for readers to really believe it.

Recently, the site had a run in with Apple’s legal team which required us to remove some content from the site. As always, the removal itself generated a big stir/discussion.

Some outside users not familiar with the site even questioned whether or not we might have just made up the legal request. Responses to that accusation (from random passersby) included:

Because [MacRumors.com] doesn’t bullshit on things like that. They’re fairly conservative with their reporting, actually, have a whole section devoted to sketchy rumors, and note skeptically the history of sites when linking. — lookmark


MacRumors is a trusted source. They don’t post fake [Cease and Desists]. — MMissive

These comments in particular made me proud of MacRumors.

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  1. Lane says:

    You run a great site Arn! I have only been a member since 2005 but I am proud to have contributed a few hundred posts back after all the site gives to us.

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