iPhone Domainers Beware

It was obvious it was going to happen, but that didn’t stop people from jumping on the bandwagon.

After Apple’s aggressive defense of the iPod-related domain names, it seemed obvious they weren’t going to let people get too comfortable with the many iPhone domain names.

Vincent Nguyen of MyiPhone.com writes that he was excited to meet Steve Jobs at D: All Things Digital, but that excitement quickly turned to a sickening feeling:

Turns out, Steve isn’t such a great fan of MYiPhone as we are about the phone itself. His comment to me about the site was “I recommend you changing the name, we have a team of lawyers to go after that kind of stuff.”  Well, you could’ve knocked me over with a Mac mini. He mentioned that we should change it to anything other than iPhone in the name.

Apple has been aggressively pursuing commercial websites using the “iPod” as part of their domain. The most prominent move was iPodLounge moving to iLounge. While I have no official confirmation that Apple “forced” this particular move, Apple’s interest in the iPod name was certainly a factor.

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  1. Junbo_Mubo says:

    Agghhh… I think his lawyers are bigger than yours… You decide.

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