Apple Finally Releases a PDA

It may have been lost on some, but Apple’s release of the iPod Touch brings a close to one of the longest running rumors in Apple’s history… the return of Newton.

Oh, we knew it was coming when they released the iPhone… but the iPod Touch is essentially Apple’s return to the PDA market and effectively ends future Apple PDA rumors.

iPod Touch is based on Apple’s new Touch OS X platform which we first saw with the iPhone. It’s OS X at its core, driven by a multi-touch screen. I think its inevitable that an official SDK will be released. I am excited to see where Apple takes this new platform.

Of course, this will only add fuel to the fire of Apple Tablet rumors….

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8 Responses to Apple Finally Releases a PDA

  1. kigoi says:

    oh good — just in time to be a major player in the last throes of the non-telephonic PDA market — a personal assistant without a clipboard.

  2. kigoi says:

    wait maybe we don’t need clipboards anymore. maybe they’re like floppy disks.

  3. moocow says:

    The tablet format is dead and completely useless except for special places like hospitals and warehouses. It’s too big to be as portable as a PDA and as big as a laptop.

    Long live the Newt… I mean the iPod touch!

  4. Doctor Q says:

    Apple has done the hard work, creating the device, its O.S., its user interface, its connectivity. Adding productivity applications should be the EASY part now, whether they are written by Apple or by 3rd parties using an SDK.

  5. Andy B says:

    RE: kigoi

    You still use floppy disks? Are you stuck in a time warp?

  6. kigoi says:

    yes, and so is anyone who thinks a PDA without telephony is useful.

  7. kigoi says:

    i have palm t/x. much less memory and more limited video handling than the ipod touch but with a lot more apps now, full cut and paste so i can use it to do work, and the basic ability to draw if i need it. otherwise the two are very similar.

    it’s fast! it’s handy! i love it! and i wouldn’t own it if i carried a mobile phone! i’d have a treo, even though the treo’s bad at video.

    the ipod touch is basically an iphone for people who hate at&t. it’s not the second coming of the newton.

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