Stupid Surveys, Obsessed with Being Online?

ITNews published results from a survey which indicates that out of 1,011 American adults, 15% of people said that they could only go a day or less without going online. 21% said a couple of days. 19% said a few days. Only 20% said they could go longer than week.

These were results from an online survey held between Sept 7 – 11th (over a weekend).

How did this get published? They surveyed people online to see if they were obsessed with being online? Obviously, there’s a natural bias. Ask 1000 people who live in a cave how long they can go without going online, and see what results you get.

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2 Responses to Stupid Surveys, Obsessed with Being Online?

  1. Doctor Q says:

    Not only that, but the people who were most likely to see the survey were those who spend the most time online.

    It’s like going out on the street at 4am and asking people if they have insomnia or a night job. The surprising results: almost everyone has insomnia or a night job!

  2. jody tate says:

    I think the best formulation of the hypothetical survey is: ask people who live in a cave how they could go without being in a cave.

    As for comment no.2 here, you should try the spam karma plugin for wordpress:

    The Askimet plugin that comes with a vanilla wp install doesn’t quite cut it.

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