Looking for Business Appraiser, a popular Mac software tracker, posted a job search for an “Online business appraiser (w/possible acquisition background)” at CrunchBoard.

MacUpdate is the most popular Macintosh-only software website on the Internet. It’s been organically growing since 1996. It’s essentially one of two websites that control most of the Macintosh software updates.

We’re looking for a qualified organization or person that has experience in appraising online businesses. You should have experience valuing both smaller and multi-million dollar online communities. A track record of previous valuations is very important.

Experience working with VC capital funding and business acquisition is important. Having a network of investors and companies looking to make acquisitions is a bonus.

Physical location is not important.

Looks like MacUpdate is looking for an appraisal of their business with hints at acquisition or venture capital funding.

About 6 months ago, was approached by an investment firm who was looking into the Mac marketplace as an up-and-coming market. Nothing came of that, but does show that with Apple’s growing popularity, companies are becoming more interested in this growing market.

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