Digitimes.com Could Still be Right (about Leopard)

I feel weird about defending Digitimes immediately after writing how likely it was they are wrong, but…

First, I don’t have anything personal against Digitimes. My entire online-life revolves around evaluating how likely a rumor really is. My previous blog post simply pointed out that based on prior rumor accuracy, Digitimes has been wrong far more than right. (91% wrong based on known information).

Now that Apple has released a version of Boot Camp that supports Vista, many users are crying out that Digitimes was clearly wrong in their “Leopard Delayed due to Boot Camp” rumor.

The problem is this: Apple releasing Boot Camp supporting Vista doesn’t actually disprove Digitimes’ rumor. Digitimes’ claim was very specific:

The sources pointed out that the launch delay is not due to software design problems with Leopard but instead is attributed to Apple’s plan to have its new OS support Windows Vista through an integrated version of Boot Camp.

An “integrated” version of Boot Camp would be something closer to Parallels for Mac OS X. More specifically, something closer to Parellels’ Coherence mode which allows Windows applications to run side-by-side with Mac applications under Mac OS X.

Now, that being said… I’m not saying it’s any more likely to be true — again, based on their prior record they’ve been wrong far more than right. But let’s give them proper credit (or dis-credit) based on what they actually said.

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12 Responses to Digitimes.com Could Still be Right (about Leopard)

  1. rumor killer says:

    you’re forgetting of course, that apple has already said that they won’t develop anything like this since they are happy with parallels solution.

  2. Hammer of Truth says:

    Boot Camp couldn’t run side by side since it is giving you the option of which OS to BOOT up and run. It is not virtualization like Parallels.
    According to your quote on what they said, Boot Camp would be integrated into the OS install and not a separate one like iTunes and Safari once were.

  3. huxley says:

    Integrated = “In the next major release of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple will include a new technology called Boot Camp that lets you install and run Windows on your Mac. If you have an Intel-based Mac computer and would like to try Boot Camp, you can download the public beta today.”

    from: http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/

  4. Arnold Kim says:

    #1. I don’t think what Apple’s said is relevant to what this rumor is saying. I’m not saying this is likely, just restating what they are actually stating.

    #2. I think you are reading it too literally. They are saying an “integrated version of Boot Camp”, in that they are saying an “integrated version of letting you run Windows”. Obviously, Boot Camp in its current form won’t run side-by-side. That’s why they are saying it’s going to take time to develop one that does. (much like a version of Parallels.)

  5. Craig says:

    Apple has already directly disputed the Digitimes rumor so I don’t know why anyone is still discussing it.

  6. Eytan says:

    Apple has repeatedly said they do not plan to offer virtualization, content with current (and forthcoming solutions). All integrated means is Bootcamp will be installed by the OS Install. Integrated Boot Camp is VERY different than integrated Windows. Maybe if they said “a version of bootcamp that can run an Integrated Windows” but basically DigiTimes is blowing air out their behinds

  7. Why does it matter what they’ve said? Announcing the iPod Photo they said they wouldn’t ship a video one. I think it’s obvious that Apple can quite easily mislead.

  8. IdleWander says:

    Apple also said that Lepoard would not be delayed either and that it was right on track for a spring release. And yet now it is pushed back to October. Digitimes was right that it would be delayed who really cares as to why. (As a side note I am pissed that it is delayed due to a worthless phone. I need a new OS NOT a phone that is locked to a carrier I will NEVER switch too.)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Apple said it would not develop something because it was happy with a third party solution. The one thing everyone is missing is that Apple could be very happy third party solution and already have purchased it or they are thinking of another solution to allow window apps to launch.

    I think the deal with Cingular for the iphone should be considered as a way Apple can work with outside parties and maintain secrecy. What if Apple has already licensed or has a letter of intent to purchase Parrellels?

  10. applejuice says:

    I think what is really going on is different from what has been said here. I think Apple found a new “element” which will tie in with the iPhone and seeing the numerous advantages, wants the iPhone to gain some ground (marketshare) prior to releasing Leopard. This integrated element will be used to entice current PC users who will have bought iPhones to consider Apple for their future desktop/laptop purchases.

  11. Phil Sommers says:

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