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Thread 500. First reactions to the iPod.

One of the advantages of having a site that has been around for 7 years is that we have an archive of user reactions to various releases over the years. In October of 2001, Apple announced they were holding a … Continue reading

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Paid Reviews Backlash at TheAppleBlog, a relative newcomer to the Mac web scene, quickly found a way to generate a lot of backlash from their readers. They posted a public proposition for advertisers to pay for a review of their products: We get literally … Continue reading

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Earliest Documented Apple Rumor: The Apple //gs+

Some people seem to think that rumors about Apple are a recent phenomenon. For whatever reason, Apple customers have long clamored for rumors about unreleased Apple products. The first Apple rumor that I remember coming across and getting excited about … Continue reading

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Welcome to Normalkid

My name is Arnold Kim and this is my professional and personal blog. On the internet, I’m most well known for starting — a popular Apple News and Rumor site with an active community of over 100,000 registered users. … Continue reading

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