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I Quit My Job

Yesterday was my last day at my full time job as a physician. I plan to work on and other web projects full time. The most likely reaction I expect from regular MacRumors readers is “You weren’t working on … Continue reading

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Used to Be a Real Programmer (Need an Old Mac)

Once upon a time, I was actually a non-web programmer. I had an interest in game development and the demoscene. This was mostly done at the hobby level. I did write one screen saver module for After Dark 4.0 (‘Points … Continue reading

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WordPress Sucks, and Other Thoughts (Including Why I’m on Default Theme)

I don’t mean to single out WordPress… but for all the joy of these free open source applications we have — there’s an distinct element of “pain in the ass” that accompanies it. For some background, was started with … Continue reading

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Welcome to Normalkid

My name is Arnold Kim and this is my professional and personal blog. On the internet, I’m most well known for starting — a popular Apple News and Rumor site with an active community of over 100,000 registered users. … Continue reading

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