Used to Be a Real Programmer (Need an Old Mac)

Once upon a time, I was actually a non-web programmer.

I had an interest in game development and the demoscene. This was mostly done at the hobby level. I did write one screen saver module for After Dark 4.0 (‘Points of View’ was mine).

I wrote a few graphical demos in C and 68000 assembly back in my college days on a Mac IIsi. I spent a lot of my free time on these demos during one summer. The big problem now is that they were written under Mac OS 9 Mac OS 7-9 on 680×0 processor machines, and I believe they specifically targeted 256 color displays.

I was hoping that someone out there would have a Mac that could actually run these old apps, and be able to record them as digital videos. I would love to have video copies of these since I’m unlikely to be able to run them in the future. Here are the download links:

Chrystar Demo
Flag Day

If anyone could actually do this, I’d greatly appreciate it. You can contact me via the Forums contact form. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Used to Be a Real Programmer (Need an Old Mac)

  1. Mac OS 9 on a 680×0 with video capture capability may be a tall order. I don’t think I ever ran OS 9 on anything but PPCs. Even my current OS 8.6 machine is a PPC. I have 680×0 machines, but they run OS 7. Even a Quadra 840av or Quadra 950 only “officially” supports OS 7 & OS 8.

  2. Arnold Kim says:

    sorry… it wasn’t necessarily OS 9. It was originally written under Mac OS 7, I think… and run up through OS 9 I believe.


  3. Cian says:

    Have you considered running it in a 690×0 emulator. I did this a while ago in order to install some really old hyper card stuff.

    PS, always nice to see a fellow Medic / Mac Enthusiast, keep up the good work.


  4. Brian says:

    Check out this site, it may help:

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