Welcome to Normalkid

My name is Arnold Kim and this is my professional and personal blog.

On the internet, I’m most well known for starting MacRumors.com — a popular Apple News and Rumor site with an active community of over 100,000 registered users.

Over the years, I’ve resisted the urge to start a blog — and the urge didn’t come that often. I’ve been a pretty private person and didn’t really see the appeal of allowing others read my rants. With the growing popularity of MacRumors, however, I’ve felt the need to expand my exposure and network a little more within the web community.

So what can you expect from my blog?

Topics of interest are expected to include commentary on the Mac web and behind the scenes at MacRumors.

Why Normalkid?

Normalkid is an anagram for Arnold Kim and is the name of my company.

Contact information?

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, mac enthusiast or just want to get in touch?

email:arn@normalkid.com, AIM:chaosmint, LinkedIn profile

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16 Responses to Welcome to Normalkid

  1. Doctor Q says:

    Congratulations on your new blog, arn!

    I’m looking forward to reading your innermost thoughts.

  2. spicyapple says:

    I, for one, welcome our new blogging Overlord.

    Rupert Murdoch, watch out!

  3. annk says:

    Congrats on the blog!

  4. Electro Funk says:

    Looks good Arn!

  5. mrkramer says:

    Nice job on your blog arn. it looks good.

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  7. dextertangocci says:

    Nice blog arn! I like the simplicity of it!

  8. LimeiBook86 says:

    Very nice blog you have here. Simple and neat. 😀

  9. MrMacMan says:

    Good luck arn!

  10. ermah says:

    Good luck on your venture!

  11. zac4mac says:

    Wow – serendipity surfing and I run across Arn’s new blog. Go Arn!


  12. G5Unit(Kinnay) says:

    Wow, I never noticed this was here, great to read your about me!

  13. RJ says:

    Awesome blog Arn, good work on MR too!

  14. Joey Jay says:

    I read macrumors.com daily, but for the 2nd time, please please please stop misusing apostrophe S in your writing. You may have skipped that day in high school, but stop saying things like PC’s when it should be PCs. The apostrophe cannot be used to indicate plurality. It wouldn’t stand out so much to me if you didn’t otherwise write so well on such interesting topics.

  15. Stacey Levy says:

    Hello Arnold:

    I am the publisher of Mac|Life magazine and maclife.com. I don’t believe we have met yet. As you know we relaunched from Macaddict earlier in 07. The success has been phenomenal. Our biggest problem right now is that we have a sales team who is selling the heck out of maclife.com and we have an inventory problem. You may know we’re owned by Future US, so a very large company with top notch sales team. I am very interested in talking with you about how we can be a partner for MacRumors and bring in this additional inventory that we continue to have month after month and help you future monitize your site. Do you have time to talk in the next couple of days? Kindest regards, Stacey

    Stacey Levy

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