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So, this blog has been relatively quiet. Not because I haven’t been keeping busy… in fact, I might have been keeping too busy. In retrospect, the quitting decision was clearly the right decision. One major perk of not being a … Continue reading

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50% of Primary Care Doctors Planning on Cutting Hours, Retiring or Quitting

CNN reports on the results of an interesting survey of primary care doctors which found that nearly 50% of them are looking to quit or reduce hours. Many of the reasons cited dealt with too much red tape surrounding insurance … Continue reading

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On Twitter…

About a month ago, I joined Twitter. My account: I’d heard all the commotion about it for some time, but finally decided to join in on the fun. I’m still a relatively sporadic poster of Twitters, but find the … Continue reading

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When we try to figure out the growth of a site, or the relative traffic between sites, we often turn to the only free public tools available for the job. That would be and Both are known to … Continue reading

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Traffic Stats of Top Blogs

A pet peeve of mine is when bloggers mistakingly interpret Technorati’s Top Blogs list as a measure of a site’s relative traffic. This is not what it measures. Technorati’s Top Blogs list measures the number of inbound links, not traffic … Continue reading

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Understanding Sites. Hurdle to adoption?

Besides my usual website activities, I tend to pay a lot of attention to the nature of the websites, and like to explore what’s been popular and what’s not. For personal interest as well as research for potential new projects. … Continue reading

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My Spam Solution

I got a lot of spam. I know some of you are saying “sure, we all get a lot of spam”. But for me, a combination of running various websites over the years, and not wanting to throw away my … Continue reading

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