On Roundups and Daily Websites

A number of years ago, I realized something about MacRumorsMacRumors was a great daily read, but it was a not-so-great occasional read.

If you visited MacRumors at a random point in time, you might see some rumors about the next iPhone, or maybe a new product Apple just released.  But, unless you are a daily visitor, it’s hard to know the context of those rumor and news.   And even if you are a daily visitor, it’s still incredibly hard to keep track of all the rumors or news about a particular product.

This is something that I have been mulling in my head for probably the last 6 years.  It was on my mind when I quit my day-job in 2008, and devoted full time to the web. Unfortunately, I got distracted with a couple of side projects and so the idea didn’t go anywhere for a few of years.

In 2012, we did launch a first version of our roundups, in time for iPhone 5 season.  The system turned out to be too hard for editors to keep updated, and I wasn’t entirely happy with the design.   Finally, about eight months or so ago, we finally reintroduced our roundups in the way they were intended, and have finally been maintaining them as I had imagined.

Our roundups have been painstakingly kept up to date by our editors, allowing our readers to see exactly what’s expected for a given product. Curious about the iPhone 6? iWatch? WWDC 2014?  We’ve got it covered, and I guarantee there’s no better summary of all available knowledge on those topics on the web.   Meanwhile, our recent Buyer’s Guide redesign fills in another piece of the puzzle, by integrating and linking back existing products to their relevant roundups.

It’s frustrating to realize that it’s taken as long as it has to finally implement a feature I’d been thinking about for years, but I’m glad it finally made it.

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