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Engadget vs Gizmodo Stats

Hitwise publishes stats comparing Gizmodo and Engadget — two of the most popular “gadget blogs”. The stats are interesting… with Engadget supposedly receiving 6x larger a share of visits than Gizmodo. By “visit”, I presume they mean unique visitor rather … Continue reading

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Twitter as a Traffic Referral Source

In case you don’t follow web, tech, and social news sites, there’s a vocal minority that claims that Twitter is the next best thing since sliced bread. One of the arguments of pro-Twitter bloggers is that Twitter is quickly becoming … Continue reading

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On Attribution and Links

As a blogger or site owner, you are keenly aware of the activities of other sites on the internet, especially in your field. In particular, you might notice when other sites properly credit your site for either original news or … Continue reading

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